Guitar feat. Marcus Anderson (Saxophon) | Lutz Deterra (keyboards) | Martin Feske (guitar) | Marius Goldhammer (bass) | Marcus Finnie (drums)

He likes romantic music, more bluesy styles, smooth grooves and he has always tried to make music that people could get lost into. Guitarist Tim Bowman has a way of making melding smooth jazz, gospel, soul and blues seem effortless. 11 years old, the Detroit native began playing the guitar at Michigan’s International Gospel Center. At 18, he won a two year scholarship to the College of Creatives Studies where he learned jazz theory. Later, Bowman served as the musical director for gospel luminaries the Winans before embarking on his solo career in 1987. His debut album reached #19 on the Gavin Smooth Jazz chart. In 2004, he experienced a breakthrough with his fourth album, “This Is What I Hear”. His song “Summer Groove” earned him his first #1 record and made him a smooth jazz all-star. By 2007, he secured a spot on the “Guitars and Saxes Tour” alongside Jeff Golub, Gerald Albright and Kirk Whalum. Meanwhile, he has reched #1 on Billboard’s Smooth Jazz chart several times.


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