“It’s always a thrill to discover new talent,” Paul Brown says. The Grammy winning producer, guitarist and singer is convinced: ‘When it comes to vocalists, it’s rare to find someone like Melina who is at that stage where she’s just starting her career. She sent me some of her early demos and I heard a little Linda Ronstadt and some Adele in a voice that’s seriously as big as Texas.” Melina grew up in San Antonio, Texas, and has always been singing. As she got older, she sang at weddings, festivals and in church choirs. She also participated in talent shows and in 2012 Melina decided to just go for it, forming her own band and doing a lot of gigs in and around San Antonio. She has performed at several Jazz Concerts and Festivals. At the annual Divas of Jazz Festival last year in San Antonio, she opened for saxophonist Jessy J. When she learned that Jessy’s hit albums and #1 singles were produced by Paul, she emailed him some of her songs. He was struck by both the emotional subtlety and power of her voice. Together they worked on her first album, on which she presents her multiple vocal shades with touches of pop, jazz, R&B, rock and gospel.

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