Guitar feat. Cindy Bradley (trumpet) | Lutz Deterra (keyboards) | Marius Goldhammer (bass) | Marcus Finnie (drums)

Chris Standring grew up in Aylesbury/England. Later, he studied guitar at London College of Music and wrote music for the BBC before moving to Los Angeles in 1991. With extensive club gigs, he managed to establish himself on the competitive local contemporary jazz scene. His sound was partly acid jazz oriented, but at the same time, Chris honed in on his R&B driven jazz style. Even today, he revels in his restless creativity, discovering fresh, freewheeling and innovative ways to share his passion for groove, melody and dynamic guitarisma. He mixes live instruments and DJ sounds, handles a lot of the keyboards and programming himself and plays his beloved Benedetto Bambino archtop jazz guitar on top. After launching his recording career on established jazz labels, Standring started his own in 2008: Ultimate Vibe Recordings. He keeps hitting the (smooth) jazz charts with both his own songs and songs written with other artists (eg Paul Brown, Cindy Bradley).

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