Spencer Day is a contemporary singer and songwriter, originating from a small town in Utah. Singing and playing jazz standards in piano bars and retirement homes, he realized that he needed to write own songs as well. That’s when his career kicked into high gear. Over the years, as his popularity has soared, Spencer has released four albums: “Introducing Spencer Day” (2004), “Movie of Your Life” (2005) and the acclaimed CD “Vagabond” (2009), a musical hybrid that drew from the Great American Songbook, but also borrowed influences from artists such as Roy Orbison. Since Vagabond, Spencer has gained a deeper perspective about himself and the world. That revelation is captured in the 13 tracks of his latest album: “The Mystery of You” (2013).

In recent years, Spencer has been a much requested headliner in a number of high-profile music venues on the US west and east coast as well as on international stages in Japan, Australia and Indonesia. In addition to his highly acclaimed musicianship, Spencer has excited his audiences with his quick wit and unique, yet subtle humor. As Spencer puts it, “I want to create music that is smooth and sophisticated but teeming with raw emotion and fire under the surface. It is in life’s contradictions where the most beautiful things are created.”


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