It all began in Reykjavik, 42 years ago, when four boys, 15 and 16 years old, founded their band. Eythor, Fridrik, Johann and Gulli shared an interest in music, from heavy-rock to jazz-rock fusion and funk. Thanks to their enthusiasm and energy, they got signed to the Icelandic label, Steinar hf, in 1979. Mezzoforte took three albums of experimenting and developing their skills, and then travelled to London to record what turned out to be the pivotal fourth album, ‘Surprise, Surprise’. After the first single, ‘Garden Party’, had reached #17 in the British pop charts, both single and album were released worldwide. Mezzoforte spent the next years touring many different countries. The young band members were thrilled to be sharing the bill (sometimes even topping it) at various international festivals with some of the biggest stars in jazz & fusion like Steps Ahead, Passport, Weather Report, Al Jarreau and Spyro Gyra. In all that time, the band has never broken up, but from time to time there are breaks, in which Eythor, Gulli, Johann and Fridrik concentrate on various own projects. Mezzoforte’s core has always been the blend of any and all exciting methods to play; their sound melds catchy melodies, strong grooves and exciting solos.

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