Marion Meadows grew up in Connecticut. At nine years old he began playing clarinet and changed to sax in High School. Soon, he discovered his passion for different types of music, but also his penchant for jazz. Marion majored in arranging and composition at Berklee College of Music, and later went to the SUNY Purchase School for the Arts. His career really began in the late ‘80s at New York’s Grand Central Station. While waiting for a train, the man, whose ethnic mix is Native American, African American and Caucasian, pulled out his horn and began playing. His sound impressed fellow traveler, producer and TV composer Jay Chattaway so much that he hooked Marion up with keyboardist Bob James. The two collaborated on a recording which unfortunately went unreleased. But the experience put Marion on the road to his eventual success. Meanwhile, with 14 solo albums, he has long become a staple of the contemporary jazz format – but apart from being a musician, Marion is also a graphic artist and photographer. He often credits his fascination with the universe as being the fuel that stokes his imagination.

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