With two major record contracts signed before reaching the tender age of 18, it was clear that singer Elle (pronounced “L”) Cato was destined to be a formidable musical force to be reckoned with. Her versatility has enabled her to confidently hone her unique style in a very competitive industry, whilst paying dues to the exemplary divas from whom she’s drawn musical inspiration. Elle’s contemporary voice features a unique mash-up of classic Pop, Jazz and R&B. Having spent several years providing the backing for some of today’s major contemporary artists, notably Jamiroquai, Lisa Stansfield, Will Young and Robbie Williams, plus a brief stint co-fronting the UK Jazz-Soul outfit Incognito, Elle has now stepped forward as a solo performer. Her debut album “I Am” offers her version of sophisticatedly crafted Retro-Pop flavoured with colours of classic Soul, Jazz and Blues.


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